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More On Bush's State of Mind


While everyone is commenting on Sassy's about the Bush's alledged paranoia, there are some who think that his mind should not be of consequence or concern of someone like me or others from several thousand miles away.Conrad wrote:

Any medical professional who purports to diagnose someone he has never even met ought to have his license revoked. And does someone from the Philippines really want to be questioning the capabilities of another country’s leaders?

Posted by Conrad on 06-21-04 at 03:33 PM

Think about it, the Philippines has it's own problems, and it's got its own dose of leaders who maybe whack. So it would seem like logical that we leave it to be 'to each his own', right? Wrong! Domestic policy in Manila is shaped by its foreign policy. Our trade imbalance, oil price dependence, remittance-driven economy with a large beaurocratic policies that follows US as its main trading partner is the real reason why Filipinos have to care about Dubya like he is our on president.

The actions of the president of the most powerful nation on earth has to be consistently monitored. We cannot pretend nothing is happening, Remember: The only thing good have to do for evil to triumph is "nothing". Terrorism has to stop, but Bush needs to clean up his act and make sure he doesn't make new enemies while he trods on other people's backyards.

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posted by Jdavies @ 6/21/2004,


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