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On Beef, Injecting Pork with Water, etc.


Sassy has a good article on the malpractice quite common on urban markets injecting water on poultry and other meats to add volume and weight. She reminded me of how I was taught in primary school to be wary of things as these. Apparently, it has been etched in culture, since I have learned these things via the "T.H.E." curriculum of the public school system way way back.

It also taught me of a whole list to watch out for: dyes on gills, meat substitution, the butcher's cut (heck if it was to be cooked one way it should be cut with its taste in mind, e.g. if you don't tell the butcher, you'll end up with a bad cut that's economical for him), simple things as spraying water to make products look fresh, dirty trade secrets that will make you think twice about things you mark as fresh!!!

So... tip is: be the Butcher's friend. that's key.

Beef in supermarkets are another consumerist concern: sometimes they are replaced with carabao beef, since the latter is much cheaper.

On meats though, it is not 100% true though that wet markets are more likely to be 'padded' than supermarket meats...maybe for the Metro Manila wet markets it is. So for domestic consumption 10% is not a problem but if you are buying pork in volume, try Laguna, I know some people in the business who have retained the unadultered practices.

For volume buys of seafood, try Dalahican in Lucena city, be there early and bargain with the fisherman themselves on site, (bulungan) while they haul the days catch. Bring even just a measly 1000 (one thousand, yes that much only) and a big coleman packed with ice. You'll have a great culinary eureka after you see that much fish and that much variety, I'm sure.

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posted by Jdavies @ 5/05/2004,

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