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Heroes in History


It's an accomplishment that one has "arrived", so to speak, and secured for oneself a place in history, and I hope I can secure mine in the future as well. I hope people remember me in great ways, rather than in snipets of my texts. Imagine how it would be to
be labeled henceforth as "oh, isn't he the funny guy?" instead one's real accomplishments. Or be a footnote in another thesis. Or in a quiz show, you'll end up to be a milion peso question, perhaps?

Heroes in history are taken in the same light, I think: A difffused, distorted monstrosity will be retained for those seen from the enemies point of view as Julius
Caesar was immortalized in some lullabyes in the lands he conquered. And yet in his land he is the magnificent, the beautiful, the unconquerable.
What I would like to do for myself is to decrease the disparity between that dividing line, so that a singular or at least a coherent set of memories are attached to my name.

I wonder if this is the same for our heroes? Ambeth Ocampo always says Rizal is such a conscious hero, that even to the last moments of his breath he orchestrated a twist that is so cinematic, he thought of himself as Cesar Montano. (okay, that was mine, and maybe not funny) But that is to say how would Rizal feel if he is a million peso question, or immortalized in a Matchbox. He is a historian too after all. I wonder.

posted by Jdavies @ 9/01/2003,

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