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I just found out that boredom is the root of all evil. Being a couch potato for sometime doesn't do my muscles any good, nor my eyes. I've been glued to the tube for almost 24 hours already...watched every movie on cable, reruns of beatles clips on one channel and the rolling stones movie on the other...I even watched some Indian dancing routines (whatever you call them Grease-copycats).

Top that with a new dog I named WESLEY (after wesley snipes) He's white not black, hence the irony. My dad says I'm completely making a fool out of a dog that can't understand the word color. He thought for a moment wesley is for the Ateneo cager ...thing about this dog is that he's bored as well...

he don't bark loud; neither does he wake up early. Talk about a bored guard dog. Maybe he's young; maybe he's just lazy. Momo is britney and mandy the same? Maybe some strange sickness has gripped our beloved roommates...err, well my dog happened to like it beside me ... too bad.

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