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Comment on Roco's Return Speech


I posted a comment on Sassy Lawyer's blawg on Roco's return speech...

You can find her article here:

April 28, 2004
Roco's reflections
12:37 PM Manila Time | Elections 2004

Raul Roco is back.

In his first media interview since his flight to Houston, Texas on April 13...

April 28, 2004 01:37 PM

I commented :

People who would be part of history in the future would want to leave something for history to judge them with, and most of the time this would be to parry any blemishing impression, or to project a passionate persona that people can identify with in the future.

Tragic as it may seem, it sounds to me as a gracious preparation for an exit, a coup-de-grace of sorts admisnistered ironically to oneself. In fact, in its tone I sense a plead for a change of heart from the people, however remotely possible.

I will admire Roco's acts and strategem in defining his name for history to judge, even as it proved futile for his presidential bid. In the end, even if he would lose the elections or emerge at a higher than expected rank, he would have won by planting seeds of hope in the minds of those who believe this country can be on the top again.

I'm not betting on him running again in six years time, and hence this last hurrah. Whoever wins in this election, his government would be marred with protests from the people, and would definitely need to do a darn good job, or else we'll see another peso plunge, another mass exodus, or somebody even may end up dead.

Sorry to be morbid but that's my fearless forecast.

posted by Jdavies @ 4/28/2004,

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