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Boxing Country


9 days to go.

I'm not talking about elections here...since, to most boxing fans that would make complete sense. It would be the day: Manny Pacquiao's first defense of his reign as a People's Champion. Though there is no belt in effect to defend, he does have a reputation to fight for. Having downed a virtually undestructable Mexican in Barrera, he must follow it with a more impressive knockout.

This puts to light the most recent of GMA's political ads: The Manny Pacquiao endorsement.

Believe it or not, Pacquaio emerging as the winner is monumentally more important for this Boxing Country, than whoever wins the Presidential Elections. I see it as more unifying than all the presidentiables platforms combined. If Pacquiao wins, as every Pinoy hopes and prays for, it becomes a meaningful balancing force that negates the stress from the comedy of the elections. Nothing can top for instance how a coup d'etat has to stop for two hours while Pacquiao's fistfull barrage rained down on Barrera's face for eleven consecutive rounds.

It is somehow regretful thus, that in this country where winners are loved, the other winner of the elections the day after Pacquizo's prize fight will inherit a divided country, whose people just several days before rallied behind a singular fighter, defending not just his name, but his people's pride.

The Manny political ad was done in good taste, and strategically created in the indigent dialect to ellicit a judgment. Would people vote for Manny's endorsement if he wins? Or if he loses, how will this play go? In a melodramatic country where sadly citizen's personal interests come primary, winners are hailed and losers are laid to rest as anecdotes.

My fearless forecast: Expect GMA to phone patch Manny Pacquiao live and congratulate him, or however it goes, after the fight. That's gives her a free advertisement that knocks just a day before the real fight starts!

posted by Jdavies @ 4/29/2004,


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