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In fairness to public school teachers, of which I owe much of what I know now, there are many good ones out there and it cannot be a fault entirely on DECS’ shoulders.

The biggest problem I think is home habits that we have allowed to this day. Plus a population that allowed itself to be fatalistic, and have a defeated sense of culture. Or moms and dads who are not there, not participating in the educating process with their kids - or on the extreme you have moms and dads who make the projects of their kids or ask other people to make them so.

Cliche but hey, Habits at home have a huge effect on a child’s education. Guidance counsellors of DECS should be filled with real child psychologists who will work with moms and dads beyond the gates of the school.

I got out of public school by watching too much TV, reading books and comics, and playing video games and getting lost in the woods, and making my own toys with my peers when i was a kid.

Other kids didn’t have that, instead they have to work, and beg or gather firewood or raise a baby becuase mommy told them so. No time for further studies or play.

We have to take the problem of education as more than just an institutional problem, but a domestic and cultural problem. No amount of schooling can help if you have dumb habits and lame-brain shows on your TV all the time.

We cannot blame everything on government.

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