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Memories of EDSA


My good friend Glucostalker blogs about EDSA in this link. I can't help but be nostalgic:

My dad and his compadre brought me to EDSA I in 1986. Exactly 19 years ago today I bought my first prized people power t-shirt. The 26th was celebration already and I savoured that moment even without much understanding what "people" and "power" really mean. Who cares? I'm a kid back then.

I loved the shirt, and I love the time I had with my dad. That's all there was to it. Long drives from the province to Manila was always a welcome experience. The South Superhighway for instance now more detachingly called SLEX, was much greener, and pine trees from both sides of the road would seem to bow to motorists as they cut through the highway. EDSA and the ensuing celebration after Marcos was toppled would of course be an even better experience.

What kid wouldn't love big foam Laban signs that one can wave with the hand incessantly? Those were toys to me. That and the yellow caps, and ribbons on the barbed wire, those were nothing compared to the new shirt I got and perhaps that nibble with what I fondly call the iced drop (a frozen delight).

I could care less about politics back then, even though my first drawings on dictionary pages were firetrucks spraying water on rallying folks. I have to ask my dad what were my comments on politics back then, perhaps I have a say, but of course I never really understand most of it. Somehow in my twisted six year old mind I have reversed the drawing in later versions: somehow Marcos was at the wet end of the hose, all dripping and wet.

I have never seen the streets more yellow; it was surreal. To this day, nothing could be a more artistic experience. To a six year old, bold colors equals fun. It is eye candy at its most real sense.

Years later I will be in EDSA II walking my own fight and finally understanding what "people" and "power" meant. But even that was not as yellow.

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