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Alliance versus Allegiance


On the way to work I spotted the French Foreign Minister on CNN say something about Rice's speech - if I remember correctly he said or perhaps at least the gist of it -

Alliance is different from allegiance.

How subtly said. Very diplomatic yet full of meaning. Observe:

the state of being allied or confederated (Source)

a connection based on kinship or marriage or common interest; "the shifting alliances within a large family"; "their friendship constitutes a powerful bond between them" (Source)



the obligation of a person to his/her state or government. (Source)

One's loyalty to a person, group or nation. (Source)

Co-equals. Not sidekicks, not subordinates, not pawns, not whipping boys. Ah how subtle! I still can't get over it. The gift of the word. Such eloquence...

posted by Jdavies @ 2/09/2005,


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