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My Prized 1898 Filipino Stamp


Here's one stamp I prize so much from my collection - An 1898 Spanish Era Philippine Stamp. This is considered the last release of the Spanish Regime in the Philippines. It served both as Postage stamp and telegraph stamp because it is war time - they need to save resources , hence the tag, "Correos y Telegrafos".This is mint condition, and considered rare. Perforations are clear. What my specimen here makes me so proud is the existence of this blank piece of stamp along side it. I have yet to find a correct appraisal, but in any case that adjoined stamp is right, I may have found a one of a kind stamp worth quite alot of money! If there's any appraiser out there... I'l be glad to see what is the worth of this one.

I also have the 1946 Independence issue, among other stamps released by the Commonwealth of the Philippines that explicitly say "United States of the America". A mark of colonial ownership. I'l post that some other time...

This is the back of the same stamp. Notice that the blank piece has no mark of imprinting. The background here is another stamp i scanned, a US release. Ignore that part.

Prize finds! Don't you just love history?

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posted by Jdavies @ 2/04/2005,


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