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Hail Doctors Without Borders!


In a surprising news - a fund-raising humanitarian organization asked it's sponsors to STOP donating to the Asia Tsunami cause. Doctors Without Borders stopped their donors from contributing anymore, saying they have more than what they need to do the best they can in the region. Having raised 50M (dollars or pounds)? they expressed that it is their ETHICAL duty to advise their patrons to recognize other humanitarian emergencies other than the Asian Tsunami Disaster.

I hail their organization and have to say I admire them all the more for doing this. Having raised enough money - in fact bigger than some states have contributed, I am certain they would be able to do what they can. See, as I have previously posted, the bandwagon effect of being charitable is a pissing contest between governments. Do we honestly need Media Mileage all the time to start believing we need to help other people needing the most urgent humanitarian assistance?

back in July 2004 I have posted about stories the world needs to hear more about. It's a list of the forgotten wars and neglected humanitarian emergencies that the media has not been able to cover more. Let me repost this:

    1. Uganda: Child soldiers at centre of mounting humanitarian crisis
    2. Central African Republic: a silent crisis crying out for help
    3. AIDS orphans in sub-Saharan Africa: a looming threat to future generations
    4. The peacekeeping paradox: as peace spreads, surge in demand strains UN resources
    5. Tajikistan: rising from the ashes of civil war
    6. Women as peacemakers: from victims to re-builders of society
    7. Persons with disabilities: a treaty seeks to break new ground in ensuring equality
    8. Bakassi Peninsula: Recourse to the law to prevent conflict
    9. Overfishing: a threat to marine biodiversity
    10. Indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation
Medicins Sans Frontieres is right in letting people remember that there are other places requiring their generosity. This list I'm sure is longer and Darfur would best be added in there as well as rehabilitation in Chechnya nd other war-torn regions. I do understand governments have their annual monetary aid and humanitarian packages alloted all the time - including all those with riders that such aid can be used ONLY in participation with companies from their country alone. (Which is still debatable because it seems like it is unfair subsidy, but I won't go to that).

My point again is, here is a good and respectable organization, refutable and have won the Nobel prize for their efforts seeing this same point I made in my previous post. The pissing contest has to be stopped - let somebody out there who can pull more strings than I can say: Hey prosperous countries! Can you please duplicate the same intention to help those in Aceh and Sri Lanka, etc. to those in Africa? Raise $4B too for the orphaned kids, the AIDS problem, the hunger in Sudan, in other war-torn places!

If altruism is the end goal and indeed humanity's goal is to further humanity, then help those without being called for it, sans the need to do something only when there is media milaege. And helping people is not just helping by dole out for god sakes. So to the MSF - RESPECT to your organization. You got it from me. RESPECT.


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