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I have long been absent from the blogging community ever since I had refocused my attention on my first and favorite craft: poetry. That means I owe so many people my comments, and the internet community my views on world events - and most notably those here the Philippines. Of course it doesn't matter if not everybody reads it; I just like blabbering about Hahaha...

Now going to the matter at hand: Bandwagon Dole Out on the Tsunami Victims in Asia - That daily pissing contest of who can give more. Look, I'm not against charity. Give it when you can. What I don't see morally right about it is when giving generously is paired with econopolitik.

Let me get straight to the point - do we really need to have so many dead bodies displayed on our TV screen before first world countries try to outdo each other with the millions of dollars of commitment? Since after America's initial pledge of $35M was branded as stingy (and deservingly so) as compared to Japan's surprising $500M, while many other countries topped the list, say Britain's $40M (if I'm not mistaken) - upped to $95M, the USA had a 100th fold increase as if to say I can do better - while behind the camera seems to have meant - I will not let China's $37M top ours! It was a mistake in decimals: it's $350M helllo not $35M - you forgot the zero!

Now Germany has promised $674m, while the UK says its aid will go up from $95- to - $100m to several hundred million over the next few weeks. Australia seems to exclaim $765m - as if to proclaim a certain legitimacy is attached to a government's capacity to help as to policing the region. Again, I am happy to hear everybody is helping and in the end the victims will be of better life. What's distressing is to think what will happen over the next years to these regions - will these countries hold sway to that which they helped? Wil this be a debt of gratitude that will forever hold sway in a sovereign countries future decisions in bids to come? I have seen it happen in the Philippines - how a helping hand is seen as a savior. It's philosophical repurcussions are scary because it rings social significance that will only be felt several generations after. I pray this is just an unfounded fear that I have.

Meanwhile, let us go back to philosohpy: I think it is best to remember the nature of giving is unidirectional. Non-recipcrocal, as love. It should be infinité. No holding back, non-demanding. I wonder if half these donations are that. I am certain those from private individuals and certain organizations are truly altruistic. In fact statistics will have shown that public opinion swayed governments to giving more - if not for that the braggarts of high posts will not shove their pledges. The nature of the human person is to be compassionate hence the quick outpouring of private individuals concerns and aid. Institutions however, were always late to react - more appropriately the governments who as far as I see it an opportunity to flex muscle, and show off their phallic symbols.

Even the Philippines, beset with our budget concerns would have to do its share: bring them our best exports doctors since we can't afford the millions. You think if there's not any media mileage here aid will reach $3 Billion proportions? It's econopolitik, as always.

I wonder if these leaders have thought of helping so many people who suffer daily even without calamities and natural disasters. Was there any billion dollar concerted effort to alleviate humanities ills once and for all? Utopian yes, but $3B in so short a week shows us it is possible. We do not need a disaster to help humanity.

I wonder if that will catch on: which country can help the most improve the world without anything in return - and helping humanity as is without any political gain. Perhaps just add a pissing contest.

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posted by Jdavies @ 1/06/2005,


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