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NEOCON as Backward-ism


In one old folk tale, two brothers fight a kapre, (an ogre)... the other one dies in the hands of the kapre. The other brother, now more vengeful, kills the kapre... but becomes the monster himself.

I had to come out of my blog-hybernation after several shocking reads on other pages. Normally, I would have been more busy with my poetry than this, but some issues are just too pressing to not write about. I refer to a review of a book
from Regnery Publishing. Apparently a bestseller: Thomas E. Woods' "Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.". Eric L. Muller, George R. Ward Professor, University of North Carolina School of Law, reviews it.
He cites the author's involvement in a local group espousing neo-con.

To quote:

Regnery was the publisher of Michelle Malkin's "In Defense of Internment," which, you'll recall, was an effort to demonstrate that everything most people know about one tragic episode in American history—the Japanese American internment—is leftist garbage.

Well, Woods' book is like Malkin's, except that its thesis is that everything most people know about all of American history is leftist garbage.

Dr. Woods' League favors "a return to constitutional republicanism and true federalism, or if that should prove unattainable, secession."

It would include Dr. Woods' insistence that nineteenth century slavery abolitionists were "not noble crusaders whose one flaw was a tendency toward extremism, but utterly reprehensible agitators who put metaphysical abstractions ahead of prudence, charity, and rationality."

It would include, presumably, League of the South President Michael Hill's not entirely unrelated insistence that

as long as a completely politicized law enforcement and legal establishment favors the interests of "dark skinned" people (including Arab Muslims and the black Nation of Islam) over those of white men, then we can expect more terrorism and chaos on the streets of America.

And it would include, presumably, Hill's claim—in an official League of the South press release—that "[t]he 'Reverend' 'Dr.' Martin Luther King, Jr., far from being the saint of recent liberal myth, was nothing but a philandering, plagiarizing, left-wing agitator."


WHOAH!!! Please click the link to read the full article. Shocks to know there are people like so in this day and age...

It's unfortunate that in fighting terrorists, these people seeks to be absolutely fundamentalist about their Christianity that in the end, they become their own monsters. Whatever happened to advancement of civilization if we go back to such wrongs on civil liberties? It makes me cringe to know that this is the America they are building. As far as I know, America - the Ideal, is not like this...

This is backwardism.


posted by Jdavies @ 1/31/2005,


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