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On Love


Forgive me for the valentine blues, but there have been much talk about this on email threads - let me voice out some about it based on my limited experience of it.
This arises from the question of titserbryan, one of my pals in an egroup on poetry.

His question: may hihigit pa ba sa pag-ibig? (Is there anything greater than Love?)
Though there would be many answers, say, religiosity etc. This is what I have to say:

On Love

This is my take on love:

It is Immanuel Kant I think, who said Morality is above God. So much so that even if there was a god - he had to adhere to what is "morality" defined either by him in the first place, or perhaps the universal idea. I could b misquoting him. But this is my basis for my answer to the question "may hihigit pa ba sa pag-ibig".

Considering this context, I believe then, that Morality is above Love. It maybe and possibly the reason why Love crumbles on statures that press morality above it. For instance, Having affairs, as with my poem 'let us craft you and I" , the persona's struggled to define their act as that ancient word "LOVE" - apparently considering themselves above what is moral and acceptable in their society. They have to follow
their truths - and that is to LOVE - YET They had to resort to keeping it secret!?

Let Us craft, you and i
This Ancient Veil
of faith called Love!

Let Us thread slowly
in these stolen threads
that we knit from our lovers
that in the end
we create this:

our dirtiest
but most beautiful

Why is that? Is it becuase society's morality - or the various Church's or the God's definition of Morality is there? A friend of mine asks, "morality is above love? hindi nga eh. love is above morality because even though it's against our morals or principles, we still fall in love."

COnsider this:

Ultimately, If they succeed in their incursion, then they may have proven than love is reater than morality of their time. Yet by that time that they are accepted - Morality would have been redefined to suit their purposes. If they succeed and hate that morality concept of their society --- their love is now DEFINED UNDER their definition of "MORALITY".

Therefore, Love or not, God or none, Morality remains. Is there anything else above morality? Now that, is what you call Meron, or Being. ;-)

Jardine Davies

addtional notes:

Status quo vs 'my' morality (subjective) vs Morality (absolute) is based on the assumption that truth and falsity exists (because post-humanists will claim it doesn't)


posted by Jdavies @ 2/11/2005,


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