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The Son of Man, Magritte


I have long loved Magritte's works. If I was rich enough I'l buy one of his works.
From all his works, It is the Son of Man that stands out for me.
Here is yet another adaptation...or reinterpretation....Forgive me if I offend the sensibilities of rizal lovers, or those from his religion. I do not mean it to.

Please try to understand the poem's other levels of meaning.

The Son of Man, Rene Magritte.
Used without permission
from ARTOFEUROPE.COM (Please let me know if you want me to take this picture down.)

Here's the poem:

The Son of Man, Magritte

Through my Filipino eyes
I see Rizal before he died:

Ever wondered
why the apple
is green?

I. Limits of Vision

If those were dollars
and our boy needs the money
to write yet another story,
would he have sold the glory?

Will he see me
or this miserable country
and how he is godly
yet i remain hungry.

II. Limits of Cognition

I wonder how he looks
sans the apple,
hearing only his spanish ripple
would I still be a disciple?

How do i grapple,
shake my principle,
and restore his temple
to feed his people?

III. Limits of Faith

So he wears a red tie,
His hands are untied,
it doesn't seem like my Rizal.

I still wonder
why the apple is green.
He is not my prophet.
Rizal is dead.


posted by Jdavies @ 2/21/2005,


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