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A Little Bit of Good News


Here's a little bit of good news to cheer up those that had their depression set in because of the declaration of GMA and Noli in the Canvass Soap Opera.

On ANC today, it was reported that for the first time in so many years... we are exporting sugar again. !!! Isn't it about time? I remember it was several years back when I was in Bacolod and Victorias to go through the lengths of the Victoria's Milling and Sugar Factory. I was there to witness how, from the very hands of the farmers, cane is stripped and cooked and processed and fed to the big cauldrons of the factory. I still feel the heat of the canes warming up underneath me, cooked to a pulp, and moved by conveyor belts from the bottom up.

When a small young man is faced by a big machine, no matter how old, he is struck by the marvel of how it was made, how it makes things, how it moves, and how big it is. Seeing that machine making sugar made me think why we need to get sugar to support only local consumption. For a long time it was a puzzle to me why with all the many tons that passes there we could not export. And so, now, several years later, I hear a good news, blessed by weather and a shift to a good yielding variety, sweet jesus, we are going to export again.

In the backdrp of all the bickering and politicized atmosphere, here is good news. This is a good start, isn't it about time? Paying debt is next huh? Now, I hope the sugar workers get a pay raise.

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