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Comment on Bush Post - from Sassy's


I just had to post this. A certain Kano posted the following in Sassy's Blog, immediately after the hot thread following Sassy's post of my blog. He says:

‘Gross injustice’ is hyperbole unworthy of even your normally rabid views. Are you Muslim by chance? Only a Muslim or ‘delusional’ person would be defending Osama

Posted by Kano on 06-22-04 at 07:43 PM

Now, I know it is not in referrence to me, perhaps it points to another person in the comment thread. (One that highlighted the US actions as historically the root of all the trouble) But sometimes, it just irks you that you don't get your point across in as much as you tried to make it as direct to the point as you want. You would want to cut into the conversation and exclaim. I had to say:

some people just don't get it. When people attack Bush it doesn't mean they like Osama. Hello. People need to read more about Politics and History to understand the root causes of all distress in this world.

Now, solving that problem the Bush way is not getting us anywhere. If people refuse to read up and understand what all the fuzz is about and simply listen to nothing but secondary source newscast, wihtout digesting all that newsfeed then I think I have reason to dread what world ours has become.

It is not that this behavior manifests itself only elsewhere in the web, and exclusive of the Philippines. Of course we have our share of the non-sensical. Here though, when people have their minds closed on anything, it's end of discussion. Nobody likes war in here. Pinoys are a fun loving breed, and we were raised since our early primary school years seeing one of three stars in our flag representing our our happy coexistence with our Muslim brothers in the South. There is a big difference between the following words: compassion, understanding, tolerance, apathy, connivance, and patronizing... if you get my drift.

The US has always tried hard to defend the just and the right, and that is great and noble. I like a neighbor who will defend my lawn from a crazy drunkard that will ruin it. However, that doesn't equate to me loving that neighbor if he means to kill that drunkard just to drive him away. Kapische?

posted by Jdavies @ 6/22/2004,


At 6/22/2004 10:23:00 PM, Blogger Sassy Lawyer said...

That comment by "Kano" was in response to Bayibhyap's. Kano is a Fil-Am; Bayi is Malaysian.

Kano, in another comment thread on my blog, wanted Aguinaldo canonized or something to that effect. Until I posted a link to an analysis of Aguinaldo's role (a snitch and a traitor) in the Fil-Am war. Like a lot of Fil-Ams, Kano has embraced his new country without any sense of reservation. To him, America is never wrong because he is now an American. Myopic and sad. But, at least, he does listen sometimes. Like he did in the Aguinaldo discussion. In short, in little ways, we can still manage to make people "see". Perhaps not everything all at the same time. But, little by little...

Sometimes, I wonder why people like Kano keep coming back to read my blog despite the beating they get from me, you and other commenters (you know very well there are others like him). And I surmise it's because there are issues he genuinely wants to understand. He wants to know what "others" think.

I guess that is why we are bloggers. Because we want others to know what we think and we want to convince them, at the very least, to consider our perspective no matter how different from theirs. If we can achieve that, then all the effort in blogging is not wasted.


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