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Comment on Sassy's: Forgive and Forget


Sassy has an interesting rant on GMA's call for Unity. Apparently, after getting the "mandate" that she needs, and bulldozing every political opponent, she's out for a shaking hand and telling everyone to start joining hands and heal the nation. Cliché.

I just had to comment:

interesting ride indeed, JDV is set to re-create the Rainbow Coalition. Off course there’s a need for concessions for these guys to piggy back. I would not suppose it’s all patriotism, maybe some will, but some will need loose change. So good bye enemies, let’s talk econo-politik/ or econopolitik. (i.e. what’s economical and practical and politically sound) Hey, I invented that term.

Now, the National government will off course absorb Napocor’s debt. And over ANC I’ve heard tax increase is being planned. Rep. Joey Salceda’s line of economic reasoning is right and very Keynesian. The question was, “how come didn’t you guys think of this before.”

He said something like: well it’s been thought of long before but GMA wouldn’t want to create too many enemies in the first 3 years, or else she won’t get reelected. debt restructuring will take years. She knows her economics, so this time with a “mandate” she can have her free hand.

OK OK, so she’s a real politician, and traditional at that, but is she going to be a good leader, that’s what’s been on air ...

If sin taxes are increased name 2 that will be hit: San Miguel and Lucio Tan. Bumpy ride indeed.

(06-24-04 at 04:31 PM)

The Keynesian thing that I like about Salceda's argument is to tax on luxuries, and subsidy or any relaxing economic force on it's industry opposite. Naturally, raising tax on the highly profitable beer and cigarette industry will mean less sales for these people. On the total economic side, aggregate will not make any positive move, since adding tax will be equivalent to decreasing consumer spending.

If the Philippines government plans to raise taxes on these products and then add to health care, by lowering taxes on vitamins and supplements, as well as adding bonuses for this industry, it can be expected to have consumer spending be re-channelled and stimulated.

Basic Keynesian Model. It doesn't take GMA's Ph.D. to think that. Why was it delayed? He is right, GMA knows she'll add more to her list of enemies by thinking ideal economics. It has to be econo-politik. It has to be the most practical thing to do to survive and re-elected. She just needs to. Now, like I said, winners have trophies to parade, victors have legacies to leave. GMA's win is empty unless she does something to it for history to judge her.

posted by Jdavies @ 6/24/2004,


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