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War in the Foreground, Hunger in the Background


While the powers that be kill each other for oil, fat reconstruction & military supply contracts, others watch the news on cable TV pretending to care. Still others debate about the legitimacy of the invasion of Iraq, even if it is already passé. Still some more call it an occupation, still others an unnecessary strain on US taxpayers money, still others a necessity for the goodness of the world, whatever that means.

Still some more see a limb or two by a US soldier or a civilian get ripped by a wayward bomb and shriek at the sight of dust and blood and flesh intermingling with sudden smoke. Yet, still others watch the same show and continue eating their pizza or dinner.

Still, there are others who do not even have dinner at all. In fact, they didn't even have lunch.

Or breakfast. Or Food at all. No don't have even the freedom to watch TV, much less the news. And no, they get raped, or get killed before realizing they even have a right to live at all.

I posted about the hypocrisy of wars before. I talked about the forgotten humanitarian crises of the world. Still war rages on, and I am just one voice echoing concern. Anybody else out there?

For instance, Save Darfur.

It's just one of the many problems of the world fundamentally more important than Oil. How about cultures getting erased? Local crafts disappearing in the many rural areas of the world? Languages getting extinct. Scenery eroded by an unnecessary power plant or a mining operation. Too much too many, war and progress in the foreground hunger and death in the Background.

posted by Jdavies @ 5/23/2005,


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