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Political Summit Whoah!


News is hot on a political summit being the solution to the countries problems. Rainbow Coalition again? Hehehe... What can I say this has been done before. I wonder what it'll do now. But benefit of the doubt. If there's any gain here it's only the temporary sense of peace, elbow rubbing and politicking, possibly mileage and pogi points for organizers, unified party or lesser opposition for the majority and a semblance by the public that something is being done. Not mention a sense of control by the incumbent. If you can't make everybody listen you're a lame duck president, right? So this is all politics. Good move in that sense.

However, posing it as the solution to the ills plaguing the Philippines? Hehehehehe! I don't think so. What? You think I'm dreaming I can't read between the lines?! Come on... there's more to problems than this. But ok, let's see how it works... Allow me to organize it then...

If it was up to me I'l make these rules and have every delegate sign it:

  1. No one is allowed to get out until everything is solved. You seal the room with wax and make the participants eat only water and crackers so that our already frugal budget is not compromised. I wouldn't want another expense on a deficit year. Make them signal a new pope with black smoke... wait... that's a different thing hehehe...
  2. Issues at hand are already set; schedules must be followed to the very minute detail. Every delegate has advocacies ready on paper... If someone breaks a promise you cut off his tongue. Nice!
  3. Include academicians and experts in the discussions for godsakes!
  4. I smell con-con coming up. List all the changes you want before you mess it up will you?
  5. Have consistency of vision. Think again - Run this country like a corporation - Do we even have a MISSION and VISION that ties every department up in order to sell the country and improve its economy?
  6. Make that MISSION /VISION easily implementable by any party that wins the next election. If there's anything that sucks its lack of continuity. Ask any Project Manager or Business Development expert... He'll tell you the same shit!
  7. Demand of speakers brevity when they speak. Too many politicians beat around the bush! Get to the point and hit the nail in the head! Where are the real orators in this land? Where have they gone?
  8. Let the Media cover it and make them pay for the coverage --- proper accounting ok? This time around, any government related news should have a charge ... highest bidder wins the coverage for all news ... let's see what happens to the quality of news on TV! Hahaha... I'm a crazy dictator am I? That's why I am not president.
  9. Set required reading for the delegates. An exam follows after. Decs will be in charge. Highest score is the new president. Those who mess up gives up their seat or thrown into the mouth of Mayon Volcano. Setup lie detectors on mics.
  10. Get victims of injustice claimants as volunteers for the convention. Or perhaps idealist people at the least... Let them zap sleeping congressmen with 10000 volts on their lips! Violators of this agreement will be punished at the fullest extent of the law... yadiyadiyada!

After all is said and done, follow the fucking plan. Humiliate those that will fail. Winners get free TV time. Everyone else, enjoy the sarcasm and laugh at the weight of the problems of the country in your hands.

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posted by Jdavies @ 5/17/2005,


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