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Makabagong Tasyo


The past week had been pretty hectic and yet very fulfilling for me. After launching a project that hopes to resurrect the Tanaga, (see previous post), I did get an overwhelming number of positive reaction... While the art itself seems saved from extinction, it has yet to rise in popularity, I believe I have done my share and it's all going to roll from here... Interesting how it all pans out..

Interestingly, or perhaps even more interesting is a new site I've discovered lately The blog is called Pilosopo Tasyo, named after one of the best remembered characters that Jose Rizal created in his novels. While the Tasyo of old tradition speaks much of philosophy, this blog is very avant-garde. Why? Well --- It only has TITLES! No blog entries at all... VERRRRY INTERESTING BLOG TITLES! Very intriguing! Yup, you read that right!

For instance, one title says "Paggalang bilang Tugon at di Responsibilidad". How profound. It speaks of Filipino culture without speaking.

As if to say the Modern Tasyo need not speak, or perhaps the comments will keep him alive, or perhaps, in a performance piece of the author, tasyo is dead? Or perhaps morphed in a cyber culture or virtual (?) that his manifestation is outside the realm of the real, and the said.
Perhaps its a political statement that tasyo is gagged? Or that Filipino philosophy today is non-existent, and fragmented? Perhaps its a means of saying he is no longer relevant, or perhaps poetically - that the Modern Tasyo is not one person. The real intention of the author is something I wouldn't really understand... but it's a very good performance art. I wonder if a book is made with just titles like what is done there? Of course no publisher will care to do that, i.e. publish a book with no entries or texts except titles... It's so out of the ordinary --- but that would definitely be something new in the Philippine Academic scene... It will inspire lots of talk, but lots of critics too... It may not even happen at all... Why would any publisher do that except perhaps for the art, or the publicity of it?

It's a very interesting site that is worth a visit. Check it out here:


It's cool to know there are deviants out there that push the limits of blogging to a different level... uber cool.

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