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Inside the Jeepney #2


Yet another Jeepney Poem. How political? You judge:

Inside the Jeepney #2
a.k.a. Jeepney Amnesia

The world here is shielded from the outside.
Peace between sighs are punctuated
by the promised calm of salvation
that is home.

Nobody complains against the bumpy ride.
Afterall, a drowsy drive is a national passion;
Grief, an easy abandon. You look around,
and there, you are not alone.

Amazingly, politics is never a passenger.
Everybody else looks out for each other;
The driver, your benevolent dictator sits
on a throne that nobody else desires.
How many generations have you waited for him?
And yet here he is, guarding everybody's redemption.
Somehow the real meaning of community
is proper within these confines.
Funny how people will not steal
your cash nor your pride.
Nobody will blame you for a bad tie.
Fatigue is everybody's addiction,
afterall; Work, work and work,
the expected predilection.
In essence, the jeepney economy
will never be in the red line.

this is most ideal.

When you pay respects
to the driver, however,
and you bid a determined goodbye
The ironic 'Para', hits you.
Suddenly it's over.

Fantasy stops, time scuttles.

Your descent is prophetic.
You alight with a sting of truth knowing
that the real plight is beyond these walls
It compounds you, yet you accept it.
You acquire Jeepney Amnesia
when your feet touch the ground
and somehow the only reminder
of a paradise lost
is your volatile existence.

The next day, and everyday thereafter,
you dream about the perfect journey
that does not exist.

You hail yet another jeepney,
bestow dictatorship on another driver,
and forget the lessons of the previous day.


posted by Jdavies @ 4/19/2005,


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