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US-vs-Iran: Think Again!


An update on the US-vs-Iran posts --- Here's what Yahoonews via Reuters says about t:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States will decide this summer whether to pursue a tougher stance on Iran's nuclear program at the United Nations Security Council, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told The Wall Street Journal in an interview published on Thursday

Nobody wants war. Not me, not them, not you. Well, maybe some do. Still, even the past Pope warned about the war on Iraq did he? If he is still alive, he will be against an invasion of Iran, too. "Never again war," he says. How apt.

We are in the midst of a propaganda war, a friend of mine observes. Isn't this how it has been since Desert Storm? If you know the story of CNN you know what I'm talking about. Interestingly, strides in technology and the advent of the Internet created new methodologies for misinformation and counter-propaganda.

I have seen websites from both sides (US and Iran) arguing on the capabilities of both sides. I have even read a war scenario document. While these are largely speculation from theorists, pseudo-historians or mere hobbyists, they cannot be counted merely as so. It seems to this author that all these are part of a propaganda similar to the Mutually Assured Destruction initiatives during the cold war. Never again war, it will be too costly. Even if there is business afterwards, the political backlash on the domestic front - and on a global scale (not to mention how History will judge the Bush administration and that of Iran) even that is on the table now.

The choice: either back down in the name of diplomacy. Stop the pissing contest and go back to the negotiation table. Avoid loses. Avoid casualties. Avoid political problems. Or did I get it wrong ??? Is this a bait to see how Iran reacts?

I wouldn't know I guess. All I can say is --- as if this is a battle of two tough guys -- Cool it! Relax... have some beer.

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