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No More Live Shows


Over at Sassy's we're discussing this news about "The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, [through] a memorandum dated May 17 said all so-called talk shows require its review and approval before they can be aired".
Sassy's discussing legal implications and history of the law that MTRCB cited in this decision.

I have this to say:

I saw the news early this morning on TV and I was like, wtf? I believe this would cover live debates, too? What's with that?

If they got issues with inciting to sedition, and insecurity, then blast those guys and deal with them instead of throwing everything out the window. Have the Press secretary call such appearances as irresponsible and rally the public to your side for failing to be fair at that point. (Or if you are really bad, use a little fallacy by appealing to emotion of the pinoy public, dramatizing how such seditious actions are an insult to the many good employees of the government who in their little ways... grinding it out daily to fix the country's problems)

Always try to simplify a problem. This is only making it more complex.

If you are an adviser to the Palace, will you risk such a decision as this knowing how Filipinos will take any issue related to the Marcos trauma?

Lesson learned from history: Do not take the TV out of the FIlipino homes. You know what happens after. Guess somebody is absent in history class.

If you got a whole basket of mangoes and a cockroach crawled into one of them - will you throw the mangoes, basket and all and tell your kids it's dirty? Street smarts know that. Simple as it is.

Can somebody assign me as adviser to the president, please? I think I'l do a better job than most.

tan-tan-tan tan tanan-tan-tanan,
tan-tan-tan tan tanan-tan-tanan...


posted by Jdavies @ 5/27/2005,


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