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Will Cockroaches Rule the World after a Nuclear War?


There's an always exciting discussion that follows after a hefty exchange of ideas. Specially when the topic is Iraq and the US war, it's a guaranteed feast of opinion. While the Internet has produced a new medium of exchange which allows for faster debate through commenting, and thus giving more freedom to users, (discussed in my old post: musings on long comment threads) I have to breathe a sigh that the humor such off-topic discussions and passionate debating does get on my head.

Following Sassy's commentary on why the prison garb of the Filipino Hostage in Iraq is orange and Ayatollah's accusation that it is a western plot, a long thread followed. I had to post that it is a funny remark coming from Iran, after all, Nick Berg's father did blame Bush for the death of his son, not Abu Gharaib. Now, a certain 'Vitamin E' had to say that it wasn't anything funny at all. He posted:

vitamin E's comment:

To suggest that the Americans are behind those kidnappings & killings of foreign nationals in Iraq is just ridiculous and it’s not funny Jardine!

(07-13-04 at 08:26 PM)

I understand his concern that it is not a laughing matter, however, I do not appreciate such a personal attack, especially if he missed my point why I think it is a funny post. After all, conspiracy theories, are funny, but may be true, and it's that glimpse possibility that makes it even more hilarious.

I had to respond:

Jardine Davies's comment:

It is funny Vitamin E. That’s my opinion. In case you don’t know humor by its first name, and can’t take it, then its a hard life to live for you when you don’t see the mundane in the most serious. I kinda wonder what life you live without laughing Come on give me a break man! Think Happy thoughts.

Conspiracy theorists only thrive when there is too much or too little information. If everything is clear and black and white, there is no room for speculation.

I know and believe speculation is dangerous, and it is worst when we pass it as gospel. I do not believe it to be true either, I have always wished America is as great as it should be, but funny thing is how such a serious matter as how to tackle terrorism is being approached like a farce.

YOU want me to explain the joke to you? Here goes: It’s funny that both sides are using outlandish propaganda (Bush versus Dr. Evil, Children of God versus Zion) it’s funny that they can go to this great lengths and bomb the hek of each other when there are many other more pressing problems out there, it’s also funny if its true because that means the world is filled with fools that believed in Bush (that means me and you Vitamin E), it’s also funny because if it is not true it is about how two peoples could never undertand any other nation beyond their noses. It’s also funny because it’s something that can be so ridiculous like you said, and at the same time possibly true as well.

Hey is it not historical that conspiracies are created of the CIA? It’s zeitgeist, read some Joseph Campbell man, The mythos of the modern world is conspiracies, and it’s funny that we are allowing that to progress. Either way, serious or not, I find it funny too that I had to explain the reason to you as well. And you are so pikon.

Harharhar. You’ve just been baptized with Pinoy Humor. Harharhar (Laughs out Loud).

(07-13-04 at 09:15 PM)

After that, a certain 'Miel' had this to say to me: Whew! Happy to see that Jardine clarified that she sees this as “outlandish propaganda”. As if to insunuate that I am on the wrong side of the debate. Well let me explain why I find it even funnier that a poster would refuse to understand why the Conspiracy is Funny:

Outlandish Propaganda from both sides, ok people let's divide the world a little more, and bomb the hell of each other till only cockroachesremain in cold nuclear winter:

1. Those for us, and those against us (funny, i'm scared. quite despotic of bush... felt like hitler. It's either he's that of a dullhead, or he makes us all think he's that dull when in fact he is so clever to have ridiculed the UN by his monstrosity of a decision to invade Iraq based on cracked intelligence. If those CIA honchos listened to Manila's finest there's no 9/11, mind you.)

Did anyone in the world ever studied Being? C'mon how can you categorize things in the absolute? How can Bush divide good and evil in such absolute terms under an uncertain agenda, over a cloud of indistinct war, over an enemy he could not even define. Hehehe he got lost in translation I guess.

2. Well let's make it fair --- Even Ayatollah has his funny side: he's provoking the US... and crafting conflict with his own juice. When everyone else can live in peace he's highlighting a defensive stance, much like N.Korea so that if the US attacks, the US is painted as the bad guy who's on a roll and keeping score on all the virgins in campus. Bullying is something we all don't like. But similarly Ayatollah is hosting discord with such a statement.

Thing is, since nothing is ever clear, everyone else is an instrument of this global destruction. What are we gonna do? Are we going to choose sides? Who would go for 1. Bush (maybe coz you think you are safer or with the winner) or with option 2: Iran, coz you got the Muslim world and the unseen enemy to back you???

That's ridiculous if you choose 1 or 2. That's what we bloggers are saying, there are choices beyond an insipid America that Bush cooks, and a Fundamentalist/extremist state Ayatollah paints. Are we going to be agents of either? I say lets blog on and try to stop a non-sensical war based on any one man's ambition of a New World Order. (search that in google and you will see both sides)

Who wants cockroaches to represent this planet in Galactic congress? Star Trek Fans, anyone? I wouldn't want that. Meanwhile I'l blog and rant on and laugh my heart out of those who chose the coackroaches. Harharhar :)

As for the question Will Cockroaches Rule the World after a Nuclear War? Evolutionary biologists think so, their exo-skeleton protects them possible radiation, and may evolve thicker armor. Only microwave and extremely low temperatures will kill them, when nobody is left to squish them or spray insecticides. Fortunately, their nook and crany habitat will have saved them from extinction, including their highly protected nesting grounds and eggs. They reproduce quite fast, and are all over the world, second only to ants. One other thing: they are highly adaptable because their diet is 'everything that has carbon' that means you and me, and every organic matter. Before they start becoming sentient, and think about eating me and you, I think it's good time to stop any war that will make them lord us over. ;-)

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