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Brand America Damaged by Foreign Affairs?


I'm posting here an excerpt from Barry L. Ritholtz's article on Wall Street Online which you can find here. Most who would have studied marketing and have at least some knowledge of business understand the concept behind the word 'BRAND'. If America is to be taken as a collective brand, then this is disturbing to it's Manager:

"Though George W. Bush has been a decidedly pro-business president, a few cracks are surfacing in what had been a solid wall of business support."

Will the slight rebound continue or does it go down from there?

Source: WSJ Posted by Hello


"Among Kerry supporters is Eric Best, a managing director at Morgan Stanley, who says Mr. Bush's tax cuts go too far at the expense of mounting deficits. "I was raised as a fiscal conservative, and I think his fiscal policy is scary," he says. Mr. Best, who remembers Mr. Bush as an upper-class dormitory proctor at Phillips Academy Andover boarding school, says that what really motivates him to stump for Mr. Kerry is the hostility the global strategist finds as he travels.

"I can testify to the extraordinary destruction of 'American Brand Value' accomplished by this administration, from Europe to Hong Kong to Shanghai to Tokyo, and beyond," he wrote in a recent e-mail that he widely distributed. "If any CEO of a global multinational had accomplished this for his enterprise as quickly and radically as George Bush Jr. has done for the U.S., he would be replaced by the board in no time."

Fascinating stuff.

Indeed. What of other countries? Oh say, the Philippines, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia. I wonder if it is the same. I'm not a member of the board, but in any management circumstance where at least some significant markets (countries) experience a downtrend, corrective measures are be implemented, including but limited to a change of strategy.

I'd say I'l fire him and reassign him to clerical duties. :p


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