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Whatever Happened to ... Batibot???


I'd like to begin a series of posts with nothing but 'What ever happened to...' as the catchphrase. Since this blog started as a repository of childhood memories, I thought it would be great to pick ideas from there and well, just get some of my long time questions answered. I hope some readers can post and help out.

First of ... while I was idly humming a randomly unfamiliar tune I had a Eureka that it was in fact a quite familiar one: it was Tinapang Bangus! That leads me to this post: What ever happened to BATIBOT???? To those not in the know --- Batibot --- is the Filipino word for small but quite robust and lively, akin to a very active and jolly kiddo. It's an award-winning children's educational show that ran for several years on Philippine TV during the 1980's.

From there, I had this extended stream of recollections of growing up in the eighties in the Philippines and how the ever-popular Batibot has affected not just me, but an entire generation of individuals in the Philippines. There were just 5-or 6 channels on free TV during that time, and hence, alongside Voltes V, Batibot was the show to watch. However, it was not the best show because it was the only one available, it was the choice of parents because it was in the vernacular, parents and kids trust and love the show. It was such a hit that kids prefer it over the much popular and heavily-syndicated Sesame Street.

Looking back, and checking through the lyrics archive I am dismayed that the ephemeral "tinapang bangus" was not there but am most happy to have remembered how much I love that show more than sesame street, and yes barney-haters, fans of teletubbies - all those shows won't match it. That show much like what Jollibee did to Mcdonalds, had made mince meat of Sesame Street, and was etched permanently in the collective memory of the 80's kids. It was so successful that it created a template for other shows, and thus effectively was a testament to how good Pinoys can be.

When I visited the official site, I got this question nagging me now, for besides Tinapang bangus some others are missing... of which I am hoping maybe Kuya Bodjie himself will answer: Whatever happened to Batibot, to Kikong Matsing, and to Pong Pagong? It's easily the best kiddy show, but I pray, anybody answer that please?

posted by Jdavies @ 6/28/2004,


At 7/08/2005 06:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may be too late to comment on what you posted more than a year ago. But it's only now that I saw your blog entry 'coz right now, I'm working on a project about Batibot--that famous children's tv show-- so I am searching every site that has Batibot in it.

"Whatever happened to Batibot, to Kiko Matsing, and to Pong Pagong?" -->> if you haven't gotten your answer, this might help: http://www.geocities.com/angpahayagangplaridel/archives/1604/BnK1604-01.html

Good day!!! 

Posted by gella leaƱo

At 10/01/2005 03:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gella Leano,

I am broken hearted after I read the article from that link. I was 6 yr. old when batibot started. I remember watching the show everyday. My husband is American & we will have our first child on February 2006. We both want our child/ children to learn Tagalog & I told him about Batibot which I explained to him that it is like Sesame Street show. I still planning to order some materials from Batibot like their cassette tapes & books even though my child/children will never know who is Pong Pagong & Kiko. Those are my favorite muppets & I am really sad that they are not there anymore. I left Philippines when I was 18yr. old & never had a chance to go back again. I knew there is a lot of changes already & it is heart breaking to find out that some of the best things we had before are now not there anymore for the new generation. 

Posted by Tessa Reyes Booth

At 12/15/2005 10:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

philippine television tpday is now eaten alive by commercialization,they need shows that rate,that attracts sponsorship and advertisement, it is more of to make business, that is why child friendly,educational and entertaining shows like batibot is phased out. I'm a Batibot kid myself, and i pity children of the generations today, they could not experience the laughs and giggles we had then, the little inquiry and think tats we gain in every conversations of Pong
Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Kuya Bodjie, etc., and moral values expressed explicitly in the show that until now is part of my personality.  

Posted by crisanto regadio jr


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