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Having closely followed fan sites and NBA trade rumor forums, fad sites among others, I am no alien to long comment threads and long rants and raves on one small issue. However when the rage in those that presented the wrong arguments morph into vengeful shame, the absurdity of debates becomes comical and laughable. It disheartens me that the web media has created commenting and forums as a new medium of debate without much modal control. The post-modern takes over and the absurdity of heckling and attacking the person, instead of the issues begin to take its toll. Sooner or later, the entire thread of discussion becomes a virtual battleground of hard-headed persons refusing to balk down. By the end of the discussion, where it becomes humorous, one stops reading it, it becomes entertainment more than a source of information.

This is why I am amazed that despite all these, there are some discussions worth taking, and, quite intellectually, amusing enough to read all. Consider this link. Quite an intellectual exchange. However, it did not lose some comedy too, but mostly, it is most informative. There are crazy ones though like this one link that starts with discussing how rich Bill Gates is, but then develops into the most hilarious thread I have ever read. You can read it here.

There was once a time when orators graced the Congress of the Philippines with their presence, and eloquence was a quite common occurence. There was also a time when debates are needed to ferret out the truth. I do not profess to be a good one, but like most people I know good debates when I hear it. Such is a continous argument-counter-argument, rebuttal after rebuttal game, wherein sources are cited, and at best mentioned to be quite known popularly that footnotes are not needed. But when people debate and starts other issues beyond the topic, or act weird, and exclaim 'shut-up' like that guy we know as Digs that is something else. Better just check the Black Eyed Peas and the real shut-up, shut-up tune.

More seriously, this brings to mind how the Internet, and the freedom that it gives has created a most unique arena of intellectual exchange that if used properly can lead to enllightenment, but when allowed to proliferate without control, can be nothing but a chorus of undecipherable voices. Are we to allow a crazy bunch of wackos participate in a debate and infuse it with some off-beat arguments, unverified presentations and illogical assertions?

Off course we should. It's ice breaker --- Keeps the debate going by fueling the fire of angst for those that have something to say. Besides, it's funny isn't it?


posted by Jdavies @ 6/30/2004,


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