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Below are some links that are a feast for the adventurous: THE ANTI-BUSH ONLINE GAME It's so crazy, informative, and as a gamer, I think it was addictive. On the gaming side I give it a 10. Replay value is a high 9. And relevancy is a magnificent 11 out of 10. Enjoy.

As for the Anti-Cheney, who loathed him for the fuck-off issue --- here's some unverified news: Cheney gets booed at a Yankee's game!!! corollary: "Yankee fans tell Cheney 'go fuck yourself.'" I wonder then how it feels to be so hated by just about everyone? Think about it, if you got yourself swarmed online with negative stuff you'll feel bad, especially if you're on the wrong side of a long comment thread. ;-)

Please check Bechtel, Halliburton, Fluor, Parsons, and the history of awards to bids on Iraq projects from USAID. I may not need to say much but suffice to say that the Middle East is my market and hence I know. ;) ok?

Industry insiders maybe quiet about it, because they don’t want to whine and get left out with the juicy awards on BOMs and Bids. That’s how the culture there is. But virtually everyone in the Middle East market knows this. Halliburton’s KBR group ‘won’ a secret bidding prior to the war in Iraq. Interesting is it? Others are complaining why the company linked to Cheney got ‘something from nothing’ and heck, in advance, even before any war is at all possible!

Subcontracting the scraps to local companies were done only to avoid fanning out the flame. But the tender ones went to Halliburton/Dick Cheney et.al. Mr Cheney ran Halliburton for five years before joining the Bush election campaign, receiving a $33m payoff when he left in 2000. He is still getting $180,000 a year in deferred income. - The Guardian, check Newsgroups, Business News Archives.


Iraq-related work transformed the prospects of its Kellogg Brown & Root subsidiary. The division’s total revenues increased by 80% to $2.3bn, of which $900m came from Iraq and profits grew fourfold to $49m, of which $34m was Iraq business.

Boeing, the world’s largest plane maker, and defence contractor Northrop Grumman also enjoyed a war dividend. Boeing raised its revenue guidance for the full year as military systems and aircraft offset the weakness in commercial jets. Northrop, maker of the B-2 stealth bomber, turned a $59m loss a year ago into a $184m profit.These are just some of it, I suggest some investigation on your part to see to the authenticity of this, and the other juicy connections. Please some of these links: here, here, and here.

And this is a goodie: From the San Francisco Examiner

“Before the Iraq war, Halliburton’s KBR division, formerly known as Kellogg,
Brown & Root, had been awarded a secret, no-bid contract worth up to $7 billion. But congressional pressure forced the Army Corps of Engineers to rescind most of that award and reopen the work to competition.”

Talk about hypocrisy

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