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Questions about the Filipino Hostage in Iraq


While Charge d'Affaires to Iraq Ricardo Endaya has doubts whether the hostage shown in a video broadcast on Al-Jazeera television Wednesday was indeed a Filipino, I myself have my own questions. It's not about doubts or anything, I am as confused as any Filipino would be about this act. And I'm sure whatever nationality this man has, the Filipino community condemns it.

I have the following questions about the Filipino hostage of the Khaled Ibn al-Walid Brigade in Iraq though, maybe some enlightened ones can help me figure this out:

1. Why is he wearing an Orange Jumpsuit?
2. Is that standard Iraqi-issue? Orange? The 'rebels' do know how to properly block on-camera and put emphasis on the subject at hand. Did they take up marketing or communication arts? I'm amazed by that. These are wackos for sure but I think they are smart.
3. He does look Filipino for one thing. I didn't hear him speak though. I'm worried his family have yet to recognize him though. The video has only recently gained coverage.
4. How would GMA react, knowing that the US election is 50-50 between her favorite Bush and Kerry?
5. How would the US react, knowing that the Philippines is a staunch ally on its fight on terrorism?
6. Is this an ominous sign of what is to come of domestic affairs? Do we suddenly get 'attacked' and innocent lives are lost when public opinion in Manila sways against the continued stay of our 51 humanitarian and policing troops in Iraq?
7. What happens to the Manila Blogosphere after in the next three days? How will the rants get divided... Hmmm... Interesting days to come.

Filipinos moving to other countries to work is a phenomenon, as I have outlined in my previous 'diaspora' post. It's unfortunate that this has to happen. I wonder what's next.

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