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I've recently posted about receiving advanced invitation to test a local version of the game Warrock.

The game is in full play now and was launched about a month ago, much to the fanfare of the first-person shooting game fans. I knew back then that despite some balance issues in the beta version, the game will be a hit sooner or later in the Philippines.

What's interesting to me is looking at this picture from the launch of the game:

If you have that much people playing a single game and centered in one spot, while it is an opportunity itself to sponsor the event traditionally, that is, booth setups (I've heard Intel & BayanDSL sponsored the event) you must know that there is a bigger opportunity in-game.

Consider, for instance applying the scenario of Second Life by getting real-life products within the game world. I'm talking about labeled guns (Blast), free branded uniform mods for users (Oakley, Nike, Levi's), In-game Billboards in real-life maps (think of a post-apocalyptic EDSA)
among other things. What brand managers should realize and in this case ABSi, is that there is an opportunity to gain revenue not just from the traditional channel of subscription but thru advertising as well. The opportunity is not just in-game per se, there's the opportunity to advertise prior to logging in with Warrock's weapon store.

Do I sense some enterprising modder ready to setup an in-game branding company? Talk to me. With a targeted base as this, captured and all in-game, let's see which local gaming company implements this first.

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