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I'm currently playing an alpha release of Warrock an online first-person shooter/strategy game that looks quite a cross between Counterstrike and Battlefield 1942.

The game is a faster-paced version of both and free to play, well at least so far. The game is a partnership release by ABS Interactive & Bayan (formerly Bayantel) the same group it seems that release Tantra. This games shows promise and from what I've read was a huge hit in Korea (?). My only gripe at the moment, aside from the game hanging on certain points (about 1 in 20 chance perhaps) is the prevalence of cheaters in the game. Undoubtably, this being in alpha release, game exploits and cheats cannot be helped. That's the case with just about every game.

What's good and comnforting to know is that people from ... well my sources tell me, (so they say) that this is being address of surely why won't they... it's for them and the community's own benefit. If you cheat in-game ur gonna get dropped automatically! Ha! Now that's swift justice... and its just fair. Cmon, how could you enjoy a game based on killing other guys, if they don't die in the first place LOL...

*crossing my finger but I think, seriously think, Warrock's going to be a huge hit here in the Philippines!


posted by Jdavies @ 6/12/2007,


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