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November 29, 2006; Page B1
The Wall Street Journal


- Photography and publishing companies shouldn't be surprised when digital technology upends their industries. After all, their business success relied on forcing customers to buy things they didn't want.

- Photo companies made customers pay for 24 shots in a roll of film to get a handful of good pictures. Music publishers made customers buy full CDs to get a single hit song.

- Marketing 101 says success comes from selling things people want. But advanced marketing calls for companies to leverage the relationship to get the buyer to pony up for other products -- or at least for extra product. --
When customers find a way to avoid buying the excess baggage, they change quickly.

- Now, it turns out customers really didn't want all of the little four-by-six prints they stuck in shoe boxes. Shutterbugs today store their pictures in computers or post them on MySpace without ever printing them out.buys almost all her music from iTunes.

- Readers get what they want by selecting articles or time-shifting shows. Advertisers get what they want by paying only for searches.

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