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What is "digg" and what can companies get by being on the front page?

Here's a quick primer for the confused. In short, it is a digest of the best links in the Internet according to tastes of users of the site. Users rummage through a pile of links and "dig" up links that work for them - essentially a democratic vote. More votes, more diggs, and the site is unearthed. Your site gets digged, you're popular.

For one to get to the main page, one's website has to be uniquely interesting to millions of people at the right time, and believe me it's that hard to get to the top. So much so that it's a gem for SEO people if they can get a relevant link on digg and people talk about it.

What does it mean for your business online to be linked to and accessed by thousands of people at one time? Here's my quicklist:

In short, your 15 minutes of fame. What one does with that is something I believe is similar to having no "sustaining campaigns". Without a sustaining campaign, you're just the flavor of the month and you don't capitalize on the big opportunity. In other words, 'what next' should be part of the strategy.

Getting dugg is just the same as having hundreds of people on your booth. Everyone likes to touch and see, but hey, how to convert that to money?

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