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Permission Marketing & Google


This is a link to an old video, more than a year ago of Seth Godin talking to Google employees about permission marketing.

For the uninitiated, permission marketing is a term in e-marketing wherein marketers have to ask confirmation from the prospective customer before they send advertisements.

Solicited Email, mailing lists, and software updates allowed from EULA (End User License Agreement) & registration, are some real life examples.

The idea is not new; for years we know of fishbowls in trade show booths where we drop the business cards. However, applying the same to e-marketing allows unobtrusive and more targeted ads.

The video is a long download, but worth watching. Seth's speech is not an organized workshop, it's a speech wherein he just tries to make a point and tell a story. In a way, that's the bottom line. He wants the brands to tell a a story. A lot of jargon, but if listen along it's worth the watch.

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