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Please Help Pyro Meet Batista


Hello everyone, I'm reproducing a post by toni (wifely speaks) in hopes that we can spread the word and reach the right persons... it's my little way of helping out this little boy. I hope you will find your own way to help to. If you know someone, please let me or toni and any of the contacts below know how we can make this come true...


Hi Friends,
Perhaps you know of a way to help grant this little boy's wish. Several of us in the blogging community have informally began an online movement to make Pyro's wish known. Below is my blog entry. I'm forwarding it to you as you may know of a way in helping make a little boy's wish come true.


Pyro is a three-year-old boy who has lung cancer. He was diagnosed with the sickness a year ago. He has been undergoing surgery and chemotherapy since. It is really heartbreaking to know that such a young child (still a baby, right?!) is facing this dreaded disease. His Aunt Mec chronicles his brave battles in the blog "In Times of Pain."  (http://intimesofpain.blogspot.com/).

Like every little boy, Pyro has his favorites — mocha cake, stuffed toys and wrestling. Pyro adores Batista ( http://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/batista/). It is perfect timing to know that SMACKDOWN is coming this October. Pyro wishes to meet his idol. And we, friends of Pyro, would like to grant this little boy's wish.

Several of us have tried contacting various foundations and WWE contacts. I have taken steps in trying to get in touch GMA-7's Wish Ko Lang. I know that the SMACKDOWN event is scheduled for only 2 days, but I do hope that within the time that they are here, a little boy's wish can be granted.

Perhaps you know a way to help make this wish come true. Perhaps you know Batista's agents, the people who make these kinds of events happen… Perhaps you know Batista himself! He will be making appearances in Massapequa, NY on Sept. 23; Raleigh, NC on Oct. 2; San Francisco, CA on Oct. 14. If you would like to help grant his wish, I can put you in touch with his family.

WANTED: BATISTA. We are trying the best we can to help Pyro meet his idol. We hope you can help grant this little boy's wish too.

Jardine Davies

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posted by Jdavies @ 9/20/2006,


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