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On the Alledged Payoff


Michelle Malkin (michellemalkin.com) is at it again. After exposing a tribune report of an alledged payoff, she has this to say:

By Michelle Malkin ยท July 18, 2004 11:23 PM
Oh, God. This just in from the Philippines Daily Tribune:

A ransom of $6 million was offered and paid out to the Iraqi rebels holding Filipino truck driver Angelo de la Cruz hostage, to ensure his release before President Arroyo's scheduled State of the Nation Address on July 26, a high level Philippine intelligence officer told the Tribune yesterday.This offer was alleged to have been approved by the President herself, who then tapped Malaysian emissaries for the job, the intelligence officer, who asked for anonymity, said.


I'll leave the wiser, more sober analysis on all this to Wretchard and Dean, et al. Right now I'm just going to go cry myself to sleep.

I had to say to M.Malkin, (emailed her because her website does not allow posts) and perhaps it will be applicable to Marc as well who commented on Sassy's:

Sometimes the shock of any news item is enough to remove the posibility of rational thought. At best, I wish you can try to be more objective before you cry yourself to sleep. (and believe in anything.)

Consider, the word: 'alledged' in the report. The Tribune report is supposed to be taken with a doubt, until it is proven. For one, it calls a source someone protected with anonymity's garb. You must try to understand the nature of Philippine politics and how everything falls into place before believing this as gospel truth.

In the same token, if this is to be proven true, GMA's
econo-politik would have played a role. With no clear mandate from the Filipinos, she will need to utilize Angelo de la Cruz in the SONA. I have always thought abandoning American interests in a war that is not Manila's is the best move to go. Any negotiations proven or otherwise does not invalidate the government decision, instead it is a blow to GMA's credibility.

Now, I will not let anyone not even Kevin at Wizbang, or anybody for that matter degenerate the Philippines as a sponsor of terrorism or call as
cowards. He posted:

President Arroyo, if the story is true, has just become a major state sponsor of terrorism. From Coalition partner, to Axis of Weasels, and finally to Axis of Evil in less than a month...

Notice that the sentence construction is ambiguous, the subject is President Arroyo, but the predicate involves a major STATE sponsor of terrorism. Metonymy? I don't think so, I think it's with done with some insunuation, correct me if I'm wrong. He can do that to GMA for all I care, I never voted for her anyways, and I never liked her, but to ascribe the Axis of Evil or Weasels to our State is irresponsible, and an outright fallacy. I have always though Michelle Malkin to be someone with her own view point. After all, she has something to say about this issue in the first place, and therefore should have a decent stand on the matter. I was one of those that posted against her emotional commentary and thus, I would hope, from a Filipino to another, that you will give yourself some dignity by not holding opinion of your own before crying and befalling to yet unverified claims.

As for Keith, bet or not, the Philippines have been a target ever since GMA decided to participate in a war that is illogical, and unfounded, and thus leave the country associated with USA. Any problems on OFWs is ultimately traceable to her choosing to back a war that was wrong in the first place. Iraq=Terrorism? Not true. This is
the truth.

As for Doris Bigornia, she's not one to be admired, she sensationalizes opinion, watch Dong Puno Live and you'll see how she changes the tone of an audience's reaction on questions they raise to panelist, in order to make it fit in the shows topic. Such distortion is irresposibility at its highest for someone who is supposed to report with fairness. Here a link to the Inquirer report
on her attitude. (Why they reported it and ABS-CBN did not? Well Sassy is right, it's a ratings war.) I wonder if the word alledged is there in the news?

Interesting word, alledged, that is.


posted by Jdavies @ 7/19/2004,


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