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Google Trends II


More on my previous post.

Google launched yesterday Google Trends , a search tool that allows users to sort through several years of global Google search queries from around the world to "get a general idea of everything from user preferences on ice-cream flavors to the relative popularity of politicians in their respective cities or countries" . (dslreports.com)

This is the latest seo and marketing tool post that would probably rank higher than my Pepsi, or backyard Pepsi factory post. Interesting how this trend tool by google answers the question: who owns my searches. Remember that when google launched personalized searching, and saves user behavior and searches, the privacy issue was raised. We own rights to our own search histories and that must be downloadable.
With this trend search tool, users worldwide have access to the total search volume. Now this no longer becomes a privacy issue, but a sociology question. How much does google know of the users worldwide? We could only assume "alot".

Armed with all these information, we have to expect google to continue being that top company that it is. Just make sure they will not be evil. Of course, that's what they say.
Can this tool be used for brand comparisons? Let's see. Here are some interesting "google trends" comparisons:

Coke vs. Pepsi - Global. Notice the difference per country and per city.
Coke vs. Pepsi - Coke vs Pepsi in the Philippines
Windows vs. Mac - Notice the difference between news referrence and actual search volume.Is it largely marketing hype? Try Windows vs Linux.
Democrats vs Republicans - I wonder if they are searching for each other.
Star Trek vs Star Wars - Top searches from Hrvatska, Croatia? Must be the Rebel Alliance home base.
Xbox 360 vs Ps3 - Similar curve for News Release and search volume is evident with Xbox. One could only surmise the search volumes are direct results of the online press release. Expect the marketing war via news release battles for both brands. Will Ps3 use the same online marketing strategy?
Yahoo vs Google - Could it be because users are in google already and will therefore not seach for "google" anymore? Note that Google is all over the news vs Yahoo!
Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan - Oh the controversial blond bond!
Car vs Automobile - Do users prefer one term over another?
Something useless:

A,E,I,O,U - Who's the most famous vowel? A & I of course have an edge as they are actual words. Why is the letter "e" famous in brazil? Must be the Portuguese content in the web.

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