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Cyber Attacks on Blogs


Michelle Malkin reports on cyber attacks on blogs, earlier posted on other blogs.
Most are quick to point at Islamic groups for the site defacement and online grafitti
that shut down 'over a 100 blogs'. Malkin calls them "cyberjihadists". To quote:
For the record: I do not approve of the cartoon Aaron posted that prompted the Saudi-based attacks, but every blogger in the 'sphere worth their bandwidth should vigorously defend his freedom to criticize, ridicule, and challenge the jihadis. If we let a few anonymous Muslim computer thugs dictate what one blogger can say about Mohammed or Islam, who's next?
Note to readers and a reminder to M.Malkin: just because one sees Islamic scribbles, can anyone effectively conclude that it means Muslims created it? I would suggest prudence in posting such a delicate news. Any one can easily point a finger at Mohammed, but hey, does Mohammed do everything? I do not intend to point at someone else. Rather, I wish that more popular bloggers be more responsible with their quotes, lest be attacked by journalists yet again for the raw and biased information.
Post some evidence first. Anybody can write in Arabic if you give them Google. We must be more sensitive to other cultures and always think outside the stereotypes.

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