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Your Thoughts Are Your Password


Wired News headlines a sci-fi possibility.

What if you could one day unlock your door or access your bank account by simply "thinking" your password? Too far out? Perhaps not. Researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, are exploring the possibility of a biometric security device that will use a person's thoughts to authenticate her or his identity.

Their idea of utilizing brain-wave signatures as "pass-thoughts" is based on the premise that brain waves are unique to each individual. Even when thinking of the same thing, the brain's measurable electrical impulses vary slightly from person to person. Some researchers believe the difference might just be enough to create a system that allows you to log in with your thoughts.

Source: Lakshmi Sandhana Wired.com

I can think of it this way: One can use brain patterns perhaps - a pattern based recognition of EEG. For instance, given a five second time frame, the subject must visualize six objects in succession: dog, cat, taj mahal, flower. It should produce a similar pattern. If one needs it fancier, include a verb as terminator: dog, cat, taj mahal, flower, melting. The patterns should be solved by an algorithm similar to those used in analyzing criminal suspects. In that setup, objects from the crime are projected in the eyes of the suspects. An innocent person will not exhibit fluctuations on his brain wave patterns, but someone familiar with the crime scene will. To screen for false positives, control objects not in the scene will be flashed alongside those connected to the crime scene.
If that can be done, then the password-pass-thought system, need not be too difficult to implement. Problem is how big or how sensitive are the scanners? If it's a system that needs attaching sensors to the head - forget about it. It has to be wirelessly convenient for it to fly.

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