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Bush: Deceptive or Delusional?


In the tradition of my old post Bush: delusional, and the more recent Bush losing his cool, let me present this article by Robert Parry I found from consortiumnews(dot)com.

Excerpts of which I found to be the best statements are below (prepare to nod your head, or cry if you love this guy:

Either Bush has entered a make-believe world where facts are whatever he
thinks they are – or he has calculated that he can lie to the American people without consequence.

WHAPPACK!!! Hand me the bottle, let's just drink some beer.
Man, what;s wrong with this guy!?

During the debate with Sen. John Kerry in Coral Gables, Fla., Bush continued to present a version of reality that has long been discredited.

HEHEHE! What can I say?

Some press eyebrows also were raised when Bush asserted that "the Taliban is no longer in existence," contradicting reports from U.S. military and intelligence officials who say the former Afghan rulers have regrouped and have stepped up their military challenge to U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan.

NICE. Good President Good. Ok, sit, wag your tail, roll over... Maybe he's just nervous in the debate - it happens to the best of us - he's just human. Some even piss their pants in debates. Oh I forgot that he was the president of the most powerful nation on eath. Geez.

But Bush has not suffered any sustained criticism for his recurring
misstatements about the Iraq War. By contrast, in Campaign 2000, the national news media denounced Vice President Al Gore as a “liar” for minor errors, such as his recollection that he had visited a disaster site with the director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration when Gore actually was with a FEMA deputy.

Oh! Media...

Four years ago, while jumping all over Gore, the press corps largely gave
Bush a pass for his false statements, presumably because many reporters felt that the Texas governor might not know any better. [For details, see
Consortiumnews.com’s “
Protecting Bush-Cheney.”] The leniency toward Bush has continued into Campaign 2004, though one might expect that a sitting president should at least know the basic facts about an event as important as invading Iraq.

Indeed, it may be hard to know which is worse: to have a commander in chief who can’t distinguish fact from fiction or to have a president who holds such a low opinion of the intelligence of the American people that he believes he can tell them bald-faced lies and get away with it.

The full version of the article can be found via this link.

Now tell me, who will win the elections?

posted by Jdavies @ 10/09/2004,


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