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Bush Loses his Cool


I found this via linkfilter:

"Tell Tony Blair we're going [at it] alone." - Bush loses his cool!

(Thanks to Oliverwillis (dotcom) for the video)

Try this link if the embedded one doesn't work: here
submitted by DonkaWechico.

Donka comments:

I have a feeling this will be discussed quite a bit in the spin. President Bush
loses his cool and angrily overrules the moderator's will to name off the countries that support us in the war. Kerry gives a fantastic response.

I watched it thrice - the third one looking at the background. You should notice Kerry scribbling some notes while Bush is presenting his case. Kerry was grinning - a little debater smile. Debaters know that feeling. It's that momentary itch when you know you can deliver a good punch on your turn. You squirm and grin knowing you'll get the other guy by his neck. You know it just has to come out! Any real debater can relate to this feeling.

Now that's my kind of a debater.

As for who will win? We'll see what happens in Florida, North Carolina, Idaho, and Iowa (?). Don't ever ask me who I'm rooting for, ok? Enjoy the movie.

posted by Jdavies @ 10/09/2004,


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