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Chess Lovers Should Read This


It is said that of all board games and all of sports combined, there is not one game that can eclipse the literature written about chess. I have been playing chess since I was 7 but I got my first tutorial when I was 9. This doesn't make me a grandmaster though, merely a fan of the masters and an avid player.

It took me till high school to discover notation, and further advance. If I only knew how fascinating chess is, I would have read more in the years prior. Recently I have been brushing up on an opening repertoire and more or less trying to revive my chess skills if there was any left. After all, it was more like several years without any games.

Only recently have I discovered the best tools to improve my game: I'm using Chessmaster and K-Light(the usual tactics trainer softwares) even if I knew that existed since Kasparov knows when; ChessBase (the database for variations and position analysis and Fritz). I don't know my ELO rating, but I would say I'm an intermediate player and therefore average. I lose quite alot versus the computer since I play mostly gambits... so I'm working for better.

In the future I'l secure a copy of Chessmaster T610 for my phone so I can play a good game on idle moments, instead of them usual Atari arcades. Online, I check www.chesslive.de for games and opening variations. It's a very good database of historical games by the masters. One only needs to search for positions, or moves, and you get a database result with all games playing that opening, or whatever. Any chess lover will find that useful.

Makes me wonder how's Chess in the Philippines? I got a bit inspired knowing Paragua got his GM norm, and I hope there's more people who will be involved in chess. See, I've seen lots of people in the barrios and in the sub-urbs - in terminals and in tambayans --- lot's of people love chess. Unlike how it was in my high school games wherein we take note of games and analyze the variations, most chessers just see it as a game to while away time - or earn a few bucks. Normal for the master s and those competing --- it's not everybody's hobby really.

There's not too many who take it for it's scholarly side. I hope that will elevate chess a bit if we make people see it that way.

posted by Jdavies @ 10/08/2004,


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