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Comments I overheard last Saturday and some observations... (when there was that "fire")
Some have been edited for clarity:

Mga Miron:

1. "Hay naku, huli na naman ang bumbero" Why do we always hear something like this?

2. On Meralco - "Ang bilis magtaas ng singil 'pag may sira ang poste sampung oras bago dumating". It took Meralco 30 minutes to fix it all and light up the grid; but around 4 hours before they started to fix things and respond to numerous calls.

3. Pucha pare... Pano ako tutulog nyan walang kuryente - walang aircon. (That's me speaking.)

4. A police car drops by to check the situation then somebody quipped, "Ano gagawin nila diyan, manghuhuli ng nakahubad?) See, in Metro Manila, you can't walk around without a shirt or half-naked.

5. While people pack the streets the thugs go out on the prawl: guitar on hand singing razy tunes trying to impress the many girls that found an excuse to go out that night.

6. You can find good citizens though that are quick to remind you that whence there is a power outage, and most everybody uses candles --- fire is all the more possible. She says: Ingat sa kandila baka magkasunog. As if the problem of the transformer isn't enough to cause the fire and anxiety :D

7. A red GSR passed through and while the driver is amazed at the sudden throng of people in an otherwise car-busy road, he pushed on and went through the crowds. Somebody tried to divert traffic (Yes your Barangay tanod at work!) but the driver insisted on going through the road, even as it is being blocked already.

8. One thing I noticed was that there was no immediate traffic rerouting. This is a busy street - diverting to a main road (I won't say what road hheheh else you'll find me) Do barangays have seminars on disaster recovery? Isn't it just right that the Tanods get first crack on what to do in times like this? I am not sure if there are plans for the evacuation of whatever place there is - be it fire, flood or whatever disaster. See, it's not good to wait for a disaster to strike before people start planning.

9. A friend reported that the transformer that exploded would have been the same transformer that did so just the same in the past - apparently 10 months back. He blames the grid overload - jumpers and pilferage from within the grid - which means some parts are not accounted for, negligence on the part of Meralco - that being they did not maintain it, AND Meralco and the cable companies and telcos for all the sala-salbit wires looping like cobwebs in the sky. There are always people who know events after the fact you know? Filipinos are not an exception hehehehe.

10. That last reason though - I fully agree with that. I never liked all those posts and lines anyway.
I say get them all underground!

posted by Jdavies @ 9/13/2004,


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