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I believe my past posts needed further explanation. (here, and here)Sparks advised me about the joke in the email, that it was meant to be a satire. That is precisely my point - to anyone who would read the email, there is no need for verification. However one will take it is not the matter. The fact that we can laugh about it, is tragic. See, how many occassions can we do more? I mean to refer to many posts we make in the online community, the many unverified emails we forward to each other --- the funniest of the funniest political jokes.

The Illustrados have attacked the hypocrisy of the friars with something similar - humor. Del Pilar's Amain Namin, and Aba Ginoong Barya are testament to this. Parodies and satire hit the hardest because they contain truth in them. The online community is doing just that - and its that unnamed something that moves all of us.

It is not about the factual truth of whether these senators really acted quite like fools in geography - it's not about their brashness and their alledged stupidity. The truth is that the reader finds it funny and sickening at the same time --- that we can just accept that that's the way it is. Aren't you sad about it? How many similar emails and posts have we read that we laugh about. In my post if you review it, I said :

I will not argue in length to the accuracy of these charges nor ask for the sources. The sad truth is not in what is said in this email about our leaders, but what we believe in as a people.

Futher.... I said:

Point is, it doesn't matter if its true or false - what is shocking is that these jokes are passed and we can all laugh about it. It could mean only two things: one, it is very funny in that we accept it is all very possible, and two, that we just shake our shoulders and say --- well what the hell --- it's been like that all along. Are we (that) apathetic?

Perhaps I cannot take humor, more because I am fed up of what is happening in this country. I can still laugh about it - you can forward me these emails and I know my funny bone will be hit everytime --- But I cannot permit the tragedy to continue.

posted by Jdavies @ 9/06/2004,


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