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I have been experimenting for some time what will come out as the top search result everytime I search "Philippines".

Google comes up with WOW Philippines as the top result. Good. CIA Factbook comes in as the second most popular result. I found that funny, see... the Government's own website Gov.ph is at 6th. I hoped it would have been at second with an "fact about the philippines" tag next to it. I also half expected NSO to come as the third, but it was instead the 10th in the list.

Vivisimo.com comes up with more relevant results clustered into topics: Hotels, Travel, Map, Events, Reviews etc. Altavista comes up with the same results - almost the same list. Try Saudi Arabia and instead you will get Saudi's information resource.

Well my story is I search "Philippines" in Yahoo! News and while before I got news of the de la Cruz kidnapping --- now I get our fiscal crisis instead. Not to say that search engines and news portals give the best information about our country but more like we have to be wary of the news that we give the world. See, Greenspan effect is to financials while the internet is to our reputation as a country. Saudi Arabai for instance has paid banner ads that try to explain its case versus terrorism, and what the 9/11 commission has to say of it's non-involvement. I am certain other countries have the same programs and perhaps even the Philippines has the same too --- through the Wow! Philippines program. With the way Filipinos are spread all over the world, and with each global pinoy having the same access to the internet I shas never had so much power to influence what comes up in search engines as before. Not to say that we should as bloggers fake it or mass link to something so negative or crazy as to influence things but more so --- I mean that each now should have a bigger sense of responsibility of what we post in the net. Let's make people here what we hate about the news, what we need to change, --- that in effect they know despite our fiscal crisis and the many ills before us - we are not standing blindly and doing nothing.

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