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The Friendster phenomena Part 1


Friendsters, Fakesters and George Bush

This will be one of a series of posts that will look into the Friendster phenomenon. "Friendsters, Fakesters, and George Bush" does seem too weird a combination of words to any political creature's mind - after all, friendster is an online networking community and George Bush is well... George Bush. So where's the connection?

Friendsters are your regular real people who put up profiles of themselves - these are your friends. Fakesters are these hidden personalities that post pictures of others online and fake their way into your network as someone who is a real bomb with that great picture, but then turns out to be well, a faker.

Whenever there is any new medium that allows freedom for creation, humanity will always be utilizing these beyond just producing - he will opt to mean, and to rise above mere utilization. He will create tools but beyond that he will create more ideas. Ideas that will in turn fuel more desire for creation, and till creation is in itself the end. The Friendster phenomena is sweeping all over the web and it has become an avenue for the political mind, besides just the creative mind.

If you are a registered member of Friendster search for any famous personality, and for certain there will be George Bushes, Ninoys, John Kerrys, Osamas, Hitlers, Harry Potters among others. What is most interesting is how these faked personas is fast becoming an avenue for political minds and propaganda.

George Bush's profile for instance, mentions the following about himself:

I am a bit crack brained sometimes you can find me in a stable sucking horse legs.I love to interrupt on other's countries feud emm i mean love to send forces to attack other countries while they are having wars against each other.I love to disguise myself into Osama as it is fun!I am a coward who runs when i am in danger instead of protecting my motherland.I love to accept bribes as i love money,lots of money!(just jokin)!
George W.Bush

This is of course just one of many similar profiles about the man. Undoubtably there will be supporters who will speak highly of him - and this is the same for our very own Joseph Estrada who has a very interesting profile.

posted by Jdavies @ 8/21/2004,


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