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Freedom and the Filipino


Here's a very good article on Freedom by Jose Ma. Montelibano. Here are some good lines which will make you want to read it. It's about the Filipino and Freedom and our travails. It's a good way to read the Filipino Psyche.

How, then, can a simple declaration by America, or by Filipino leaders for that matter, simply erase a 350-year understanding that national government was an enemy, not a representative of the common man?
But more destructive is the collapse of Filipino productivity born of Filipino producer-ship

Filipinos, thus, experienced the sad deterioration of freeman to slave, of process to product, of producer to laborer.

(equivalent to entrepreneurship today), the perverted devolution of producer to laborer, and the greater need to consume from those who react from a reality of lack instead of abundance. Filipinos have lost the connection to self-reliance, a consequence of centuries of forced dependence. It is this loss that remains a fundamental weakness in the Filipino.

I think it would be a good way to teach history this way. You see we Filipinos have a social trauma and it hurts everytime we see the ills and the symptoms that may call that up. It is a hidden personality that is within all of us Filipinos. One that for centuries we tried to mask, and dominate by our other selves - but everytime it is called upon we shudder in fear and remember. Believe it or not I think we have a Multi-Cultural Personality Disorder. At other times we call this the undefined Filipino identity. But hey is true as far as I see it.

Hence it is perhaps the reason why we do not take risks as a nation - we are too caught up with the past that we are too afraid to get hurt again and again and again. We need therapy we just want to admit that we do!

We need to reclaim that producer spirit. And we need to act fast and start over.

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