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Excerpt from Conrado de Quiros on piracy, and why he draws the line between patronage of DVD's of Hollywood movies, and that of local artists:

... well, do you want to keep this country ignorant? Education is its own justification. The United States itself did not mind pirating British books to enlighten its nationals before 1776. If it hadn't done so, it might still be a British colony. I personally do not mind being reproduced all over the place (which I am), if that will improve people's minds. I'm shareware entirely, the spirit that happily still rules the Internet.

The explosion in DVD titles, which now include Hollywood classics as well as movies from other countries, is particularly welcome. My own take there is that this should help the more serious makers of local movies by enlarging the scope of their market. Currently, they have to cater to a market whose taste has been molded by Hollywood "blockbusters" and B action movies. The availability of the classic movies should raise the Filipino taste several notches higher, which should boost the chances of the Lino Brockas and Ishmael Bernals of this country peddling their wares.
What can I say? Interesting, huh? I've just watched Brian de Palma's Scarface, a third time last night. Now I can say "fuck you" in the best way possible and in so many ways --- beyond the fact that - that film is about an immigrant and his (Al Pacino's) obsession with the American Dream - which in the end ruined him. It's fine to carry that dream - but to be obsessed with it is another story.

Now going back to DVD's and piracy - I'm happiest now because 5 years back only a handful of people can talk film with me and share insights. I said the best film-noir I've seen - besides Humprey Bogart in Casablanca is King Kong (1933) which I first saw on TV, next on Beta and Laser Disc !!! De Quiros may be right thus --- people can now appreciate a good movie from the other! Besides that, I think now people can appreciate the technicals of a movie as well and the art of it all --- plus audiophiles are being made of Filipinos. Finally more and more people are able to discern what is good with what is not. Believe it or not, but I don't suppose there is a huge percentae of people from the middle and lower class that understands what stereo is in this day and age!

The availability of DVD's changed that.


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