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On Recent Comments, Me and a Most Bland Response


Posting from my end has been slow these days. I have remained active in comments and discussions though. Too many events these days, so I want to make it simple. First, I'l start about me, and then finish off with some comments I made. I believe people should know more about me so that they can read through any color that my posts or comments may have ... and more importantly, so that I don't get to receive any emails with unpalatable words:

  1. I am a humanist, educated by Jesuits --- and hence I am biased towards using phenomenology as the method of raising my comments and arguments.
  2. I do not claim however, any expertise, except on things that I have a personal experience as a Filipino, as a person immersed in international business, and as a typical person in the receiving end of info flow of the web, the media and the government, or as otherwise cited.
  3. I do not have any political affiliation.
  4. I am not dogmatic, but can if needs be. I always choose to be objective. If I fail to do so I appreciate that it is being pointed to me.
  5. I read science fiction, and speculative fiction. Therefore, I do not tire to be an idealist.
  6. I remain open-minded, unless when we talk of absolutes and philosophy.
  7. I am an overly-romantic guy who at times will be too objecive about love as well.
  8. I can be relentless, tackless and harsh sometimes. But I do accept fault when it is undeniable.
  9. I am a Filipino foremost, and a world citizen after.
Ok, before there is any more detail that comes up that might be too much information. Il go to the comments. One is posted through this site (an answer to too true), while the next one is through sassy's houseonahill. I believe posting these two will give my views more exposure rather when they are left as mere footnotes. The following is an answer to too true's comment:

I think you should read my reasons why I think Bush lied. To date, nobody has refuted my arguments. The Butler report and the 9/11 Commission Report seem to place it easy on the leaders and forget command responsibility as a primary argument. Both reports pin it down on institutional failures. In effect it seems to be just saying that Bush didn't lie, that instead he was fed wrong info and hence, just stupid.

I tend to believe the former, rather than the latter. But the latter is just fine too in itself. If you have time read up my argument, I'm sure those whose sons died as casualties of war believe the same: that BUSH lied. Period.

I am sad you know what about? I am sad about humanity. Especially of those people whose statements are dissociating them from other peoples. To hear you saying that you are sad about the Philippines because you think your country will do better than us borders on apathy. But like bayib, I will give you [tootrue] the benefit of the doubt. I hope that sadness of yours is channeled towards helping others in need and in a similar plight, instead of elevating yourself over others.

I always tend to get philosophical but that's how it is, we need more humanity in this world. How I wish you can read my post on stories the world needs to hear more about. Maybe it will change your mind.

This next one is about GMA's speech on DFA's founding anniversary and what I think as a bland response towards Bush' government, particularly versus Rumsfeld, Cheney and company... I can't fault her however, perhaps it is because I was expecting more. Or perhaps since I am not a diplomat I could have been wrong if I speak to harshly. Or perhaps it is because in diplomatic circles a hint of the spice is enough. Still, I believe the Filipino tongue does not take bland dishes too well. We like it hot, a little sweet, or a little spicy, enough to leave an aftertaste but not too much to overpower the mouth. I think the Filipno people needs more palatable answers to crazy maligning people calling us cowards than these. I posted:

I guess I sum it up right: someone’s ego got hurt. It’s just that; it should pass after some time. If it doesn’t then I think we should have learned a history lesson on US-Philippine affairs, and the government should be wary.

I heard that GMA speech to the DFA live over at ANC. She started by praising the DFA personnel, and sounded to me as ‘nagpapasaring sa US’ [hinting on issue's with a tiny bit of attack] about ‘who are our friends are in times of crisis’. She was very careful in choosing her words, so that they do not end up too harsh, she started by stating that there will be no foreign policy changes regarding war on terror. She's right about how much we need closer ties with the Islamic countries.

Her speech focused on certain realities that we face as a small nation with so many OFW’s, and I think she was (or her ghost writer) was right. [I won't detail that here] However, I really thought she should have been more direct with her parry. It’s obviuos she’s being the politico that she is --- she remains very ambivalent despite the defensive posturing.

Perhaps the International Community will respect as more if she were to articulate them more directly in such a way that our foreign policy is not misunderstood. For small nations such as ours, I think foreign policy should be moved [motivated] by domestic policy, not the other way around. Just my two cents. ;P

I defer everything else that is too lawyerly to the experts. I maybe wrong. But like any one else, I do have my own opinion.

posted by Jdavies @ 7/24/2004,


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